Oct 19

Three Questions. Three Questions!

This weekend I was at a Romance Writers of America (RWA) meeting and trying to come up with a through-line for the wildly disparate kinds of things I write—literary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, erotica, non-fiction. Now that you’ve seen the list you can see why I was at a loss. So Beth Barany, who’s in this RWA chapter, asks me what my tagline is. “Dark. Edgy. Fiction,” I say.

“Why that?” she asks.

“Because I write about the human condition, the bits that wriggle away from the light. We all have to look at those bits if we want to live and not be driven by them.”

She says, “Tell me why you wrote your cookbook.” (Dharma Feast Cookbook, out February 2012)

“I went through hell before I figured out how to eat well and I want people to know what I know so they can take the short-cut.”

“So what you write about is the human condition because you want to help people. That’s your through-line.”

Wow. Three questions. She’s good. www.bethbarany.com

Listen, anyone who’s a writer should join RWA. The conversations about the craft of writing, the speakers, the other members, some of whom are NYT best sellers—you can’t get better motivational input. Plus the women in my chapter (SF Bay Area) kick ass.