May 29

Boy: *click click click click click* Me: What are you playing? Boy: Cookie Clicker. *click click click click* Me: That’s all you do? Click the cookie? Boy: And buy stuff that helps you click the cookie faster. Me: That’s the whole game? Boy: *click click* Yes. *click click* Me: …you realize this makes you a lab rat… Boy: *click click click click click* Me: I can feel your brain atrophying from here. (The good news: we were laughing throughout this exchange, and he does not argue that this is a strange way to pass his down time.)

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May 24

My son and I, next to each other on the couch, under a thick blanket. He’s sick and reading a book about the octopus. I’m knitting. “Hey,” I say, “should I just put a huge white stripe right in the middle of this hat?” He looks over. “That would be cool!” I suppose I’m doing what every parent longs to do–capture the ethereal presence of my child, make it concrete, make tangible his existence for all eternity. Why is there a white stripe in this hat? Because my son, Iain, is alive, here, next to me.

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